Insurance Repair caused by Escape of Water


Affiniti Response was asked to assess the water damage to a domestic property in Glasgow. Water had stained the vinyl in the kitchen and the laminate in the hall was soft underfoot with a definite down-movement present. Cracking was also evident in the laminate that continued into the dining room and appeared to be ridged at the door.

The insured owner indicated that there was a drainage problem in the back garden, though it was unclear from the initial investigation whether there was an external cause for this or whether it was related to an earlier flood.

Affiniti recommended that the floor should be lifted in order to determine the nature of the problem.

Scope of works

The insurer gave us the go ahead to replace the vinyl in the kitchen and renew the laminate, insulation and edging strip in the hall and dining room.

We soon discovered that the flooding was caused by faulty bathroom installations and the insurer was immediately advised of the root cause of the problem.

To resolve the problems, we first removed the kitchen base cabinets, lifted the chipboard under flooring and dehumidified the environment. While the area was drying out we refitted the bathroom suite and fitted new tiles. All debris was removed from the site.

Once the dehumidification process was complete, we renewed all the flooring, membrane, insulation, construction of cushioned floor and batons. We reinstalled the base units in the kitchen, redecorated woodwork in the hall, bathroom, dining room, kitchen and lounge. All debris from the refit process was removed and the property was left in excellent condition.


The work was completed on time with no interruptions.

The owner was delighted that the problem had been properly rectified and that his house had been restored to its original condition with a minimum of fuss and disruption.


Restoring the value of dilapidated industrial units in an Industrial Estate


After the existing tenants moved out, adjacent units within a Glasgow Industrial Estate were found to be in a very poor condition and in need of a significant level of refurbishment internally and externally before they could be re-let.

The landlord was naturally keen that this should be carried out as quickly as possible to a high level of specification within a tight budget.

Scope of works

The contract required careful coordination of a wide range of trades on site.

On the outside of the units the work involved the removal of rubbish, debris and vegetation from all external areas. A redundant oil tank was removed from the site, the kerbs were repainted and palisade fencing erected around the property.  The walls needed to be stripped of old CCTV mounts, repaired, washed and re-clad. Our teams also needed to repaint all wall surfaces, timber panels and entrance ways.

The asbestos tiled roof of the building needed to be removed by a licensed subcontractor, after which Affiniti Response replaced the roof, installed gable cladding and galvanised guttering and drains.

The interior walls were also in a poor state of repair. Old screws and brackets needed to be removed, holes refilled, the walls power-washed and repainted. Likewise the beams needed to be power washed and scraped and the doors cleaned down. Specialist safety flooring also needed to be installed.

The internal offices required a significant refit. Half-height partitions and window grilles needed to be removed, walls and ceilings re-plastered and repainted. The office doors also needed to be rehung and repainted, while the washrooms needed to be retiled. Finally new carpet tiles were fitted throughout.

The heating systems for the units needed to be completely replaced. We first removed the old oil-fired system, then appointed a GAS SAFE registered Gas Heating Engineer to install and commission gas fired floor mounted space heaters within each unit. We also supplied and fitted new stainless steel flue pipes.

The units were completely rewired to modern safety standards and we installed new sockets, plugs and fixtures. Our electricians also put in extractor fans, fluorescent lighting systems and Dimplex panel heaters within offices.

Finally the units were completely re-glazed with new UPVC double-glazed and vented windows with locks. Affiniti Response also supplied new aluminium framed entrance doors and fitted electrically operated roller shutter grilles.


All building, electrical, glazing and redecoration works were completed within the agreed refurbishment period. The units were quickly re-let and Affiniti has been subsequently re-engaged by the client on similar projects.

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