Insurance repairs need not be traumatic

Affiniti Response is keenly aware of the concerns of people who need repairs to their property through no fault of their own. We therefore see it as our job to complete the work to a very high-level of specification, as quickly as possible, with the minimum of disruption.

Approved by most large insurers, loss adjusters and several local authorities, Affiniti Response undertakes all kinds of insurance repairs, including whole building fire and flood damage. We are sensitive to noise, dust and communication issues and have worked successfully on properties of all type and size, including: high rise apartments, blocks of four, cottage flats, terraced, tenements, semi-detached and detached.

Staff have a keen understanding of the insurance claims process and aim to do everything we can to make the customer experience as smooth and efficient as possible under the circumstances.


What Affiniti can do for you

  • We are happy to be referred to a customer by the insurance company, or to help the insured provide a quote where their insurer has requested this.
  • With our detailed understanding of the insurance process we can help advise what you are covered for and what you are not, which helps speed the claims process.
  • Dedicated project managers provide a single-point-of-contact and will liaise closely between the insurance company and the insured to ensure swift decisions and minimise miscommunication.
  • We will provide a clear specification and schedule of work at each stage of the process from initial investigation through to completion.
  • Our workmen will do everything to minimise disruption to the client and are polite and properly attired.
  • Where unexpected discoveries during the repair work impact on the schedule, we will keep all parties informed of what these are (e.g. discovery of wet rot after damaged flooring is lifted). We will advise how the necessary treatment will change the scope of the work, and quickly issue revised budgets and schedules.
  • Project managers will visit the project at the beginning and end of each job to ensure that the work has been finished to everyone's satisfaction.


Our ongoing quality note is customer satisfaction, and we therefore endeavour to provide polite and tidy workmen, dust sheets, clear communications, and quick response times for quotations, work commencement and turnaround.

To find out more about our insurance repair services, or to request a quotation from one of our Project Managers, call 01355 241 689 today.

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